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Welcome to the home page of sjs ventures.


sjsventures is the site where you will find information about the services offered by Steve and Juliet Smith. Below is a short description and links to separate websites which cover the different services in more detail.


If you want to know how we can help you deliver successful IT projects the link to SystematiX Training Limited will be where you want to go. Systematix has now been renamed sjsventures Limited. There you will find information about our Project Management Services.

We are entering an exiting new phase of the business where we will be offering Personal Performance and Corporate Coaching. These services will be delivered through sjscoaching. We are just building the product set now and will be coming to market in April 2013


Check out the new branding page on each site to see what the new look will be.

So, please do visit the sites above to learn more about our Project Management and Corporate Coaching Services.

Email us now with any enquiries to 



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